July 16, 2019

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Practice Management and Marketing – 3 Ways to Capture Clients Onlne

Email your way in

Begin by collecting email addresses of your current clients and mailing out an e-newsletter to them. Keep mailing them informative articles, keep them updated on future workshops or seminars they may be interested in.

When it comes to the actual material in the mail, always use the name of the person you’re writing to – no one really reads mail that begins saying “To whom it may concern”. Include a link to your website; it helps people verify your credibility. Just be careful you don’t get enmeshed in a spam filter or email blacklist though.

You could also change your current email signature to one that reflects your business. You’ll find that some simple information like a tag line with your contact info will often provide you with a lot more visibility. If you see that someone has responded asking for details about your service or product, you know your practice marketing campaign is right on track.

Use an Adwords campaign

As any internet guru will tell you, the most crucial task in any online marketing campaign is to pick the right keywords. It’s these Adwords that will ensure people searching for your kind of product come to your website. If you believe that it’s the number of keywords that matter, you’re definitely headed for a fiasco.

Always begin with a broad match of keyword terms and gradually narrow it down to a targeted group of phrases or words that are relevant to your business. The more selective your keyword, the better is your Click Through Rate (CTR) or Conversion to Sales or Leads. CTR is internet jargon for a measure of success in your practice marketing campaign.

Go Organic

An organic search could be the most classic weapon in your repertoire of practice marketing tools. It makes use of a search pattern that gives results by cataloging pages based purely on the relevance of the content and keyword.

That means this search is not tainted by any subjective factors like who paid the greatest money to be given top visibility. Naturally, people trust organic search results more than sponsored ones. Greater trust implies that a greater number of visitors will convert to actual sales.

There’s another angle to it. If your brand does not appear in the top search results, you appear redundant. Conversely, if your firm appears higher in the organic search than a competitor, you convey the impression of being a bigger business than what you actually are. But the most compelling feature of an organic search has to definitely be the fact that it comes free of cost.

You could thus use the internet very profitably for practice marketing. Whether it is email, adwords, or even a blog or twitter account – you could utilize them all in your campaign to attract newer clients and build up your business.